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Indermil Flexifuze TSA/ huidlijm

Indermil Product information

How to use Indermil flexifuze

Lees de informatie flyer en leer Indermil® flexifuze™ te gebruiken in 4 makkelijke stappen.

Indermil flexifuze brochure

Indermil® flexifuze™ biedt de laatste technology in huidlijm. Indermil flexifuze is geïndiceerd voor het sluiten van huidwonden op de eerste hulp enincisies op de operatiekamer. Bekijk de informatie brochure.

Indermil flexifuze -gebruik dicht bij het oog (NL)

Specifieke informatie voor gebruik van Indermil flexifuze huidlijm dicht bij wonden dicht bij het oog. Lees de toepassingsbrochure .

Indermil research information

Tissue adhesive study - Connexicon Indermil flexifuze

Testing of INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ as an effective barrier against microbial penetration. The objective of this study was to determine if INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ provides an effective barrier against penetration by selected bacteria and the yeast fungus Canidida albicans. Read the study

Indermil flexifuze product test - wound closure strenght

How does the wound closure strength of INDERMIL® flexifuze™ compare to other topical tissue adhesives on the market?

Wound closure strength is one of the main characteristics of a topical tissue adhesive. A sufficiently strong adhesive will reduce the risk of wound dehiscence and wound infection.
A number of competitor products were tested using the above test methodology.using a suitable test methodology: ASTM F2458 – 05. Read the test

Indermil flexifuze patient information

Patient information

INDERMIL® flexifuze™ has been used to close your wound, the information contained within this leaflet will help you understand this closure method. Product
Indermil® flexifuze™ is a tissue adhesive and can be used as an alternative to other closure methods such as sutures and staples. Read the patient information.